Luigi360x (Brian O'Sharks) application for CWU

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Luigi360x (Brian O'Sharks) application for CWU Empty Luigi360x (Brian O'Sharks) application for CWU

Post  Luigi360x on Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:34 pm

Name: Dovydas
Age: 17
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41835054
Steam Name: Luigi360x

Formal CWU experience: None, but I am Loyalist in the server.

IC information: I am Brian O'Sharks, I am 26 years old, 185 cm tall, brown hair, green eyes. I am a Loyalist, I strongly believe in CCA. I believe that CCA will make our lives better and bring peace. I was born in USA, Ohio state. When i was a kid my dad got killed and mom left me cause I was too expensive for her. I lived in the streets till CCA taken over. CCA for me is everything, I even got a poster of CCA in my apartment. I believe if we'll co-operate with CCA they'll save us from evil. I never committed a crime, i actually hate them. When i see someone breaking the law, i try to report it to CCA. Especially rebels i hate them so much, if not them our lives would be easier. They bring death to us. Okay lets get back to my life story. So when i was about 18-19 I met a friend he looked nice but he was evil! When i knew that, i instantly called the CCA, they have taken care of him, from that time i haven't met him. This proves that i am loyal to CCA. I don't care if it's my friend or not i'll still call CCA! Oh and i forgot to mention that I am friendly guy. If someone asks for help i'll try my best to help him.

Why should you be CWU: I am a very loyal citizen, as I've told you before i hate crime, i believe in CCA. CWU would help me live in this city, as you know it's pretty hard to live in here, if i would be CWU my life would be better and i could spot a crime better. I would have better apartment and I wouldn't be tired, that makes me more curious to spot a law breaker. As i said i don't care about if it's my friend or not, if he's breaking law, CCA will arrive and take care of him! Also I am friendly, if someone needs help i'll come and i'll try to help him. All in all CWU would help me live in the city and prove to others that CCA is a good thing and everybody should listen to them. I believe I'll do much for CWU and i am fit for it.

Can you donate: No, cause I dont have a credit card.

Do you know how to RP: Yes I do.
/me sees some citizens fighting.
/me walks closer.
/me admires situation.
/me requests for CCA.
/request Some citizens are fighting in the park.
/me waits till Unit arrives.
/me walks away happy.

What can you do to help the community: I am a good player, i am not breaking rules, i follow all the rules. I am co-operating with CCA to decrease criminal level in the city. I am a friendly guy, if someone need a help i'll always be there!

Can you use propper grammar: Yes, I can. Thanks for your time checking my application.


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Luigi360x (Brian O'Sharks) application for CWU Empty Re: Luigi360x (Brian O'Sharks) application for CWU

Post  Stealthkibbler on Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:20 pm

Great app, welcome to the CwU.



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