TDFallah OTA Application (Re-Made).

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TDFallah OTA Application (Re-Made). Empty TDFallah OTA Application (Re-Made).

Post  TDFallah on Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:35 pm

Name : Alex Freeman
Age: 19
Steam Name: [FH] TDFallers [U.K] Own

Formal OTA experience: Second time im being one.

IC information: I was born in Russia, and my name is Alex Freeman, 1 metre and 87 CM. 9 years later i moved to America, Ohio. 13 years later, i went to colege, it was horible there. Then i got 18, and moved to Europe, to United Kingdom. I met a woman named Sarah, and i maried her. Then somehow, someone eated a Infected hamburger, and we wher attacked by the infected. Then the mighty clan came called, CCA. And they saved our lives and there was only 200 of them and 10 OTAs. And they invited me to beacome one of them, soo i goo sign up myself in OTA. Then i never came back to my wife... When i was about to beacome a OTA, somehow atilions, and striders came back on earth. There was a big war between the Aliens and the Earth, as allways CCA won but they could of lose causs there wasnt alot of CCA, OTA. OTA hade only 20 people and they wher makeing posts all over the earth, then only 300 people joined, and CCA made the earth better, there was not alot of crimes. and maniacs in the world, thanks to CCA.

Why should you be OTA: I wanna be OTA causs i allways see crimes today i saw a criminal he somehow got a gun and i tried to stop him, with my hands he had CP guns like SMG, StuntStick, pistol, revolver, and they allmost got a OTA gun, Pulse Rifle. And i saw how skilled OTA was and i wanna make them better and better. And im joining causs of this reason. It took me 5 hours to make all of this. And i wanna see how you role play too, and i see there isnt alot of OTA on this server i think theres about 4.

Can you donate: I can, but im getting money for my job tomorrow ill get 35 $.

Do you know how to RP: Yes, i can. (Admins are learning me to RP better)
Today i was chassig a criminal and i said these words
/me dodges bullets like its the freaking matrix.
/me yells, hey you i got a job for you!
/me says Ill give you 10 tokens for doing this quest.
/me throws trash can at Anti-Citizen
/me punches Anti-Citizen once.
/me ties Anti-Citizen up.

What can you do to help the community: I got really good at RPing, and i made my friend a good RPer now he is CP. All i gotta say.

Can you use propper grammar: Yes, i can. But i do ;ake grammar mistakes sometimes, but i allways use Proper* grammar.

Spend 5-6 hours on this Application. Put alot of effort in it, soo i dont want it too get denied...

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