TDFallahs CCA Application (Re-Made)

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TDFallahs CCA Application (Re-Made) Empty TDFallahs CCA Application (Re-Made)

Post  TDFallah on Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:01 pm

Name : Alex Freeman
Age: 19
SteamID: Cant find it
Steam Name: [FH] TDFallers [U.K] Own

Formal CCA experience: I never was CCA

IC information: 1989, i was born in United Kingdom in a small village it got burnd down my father died defending and my mother too only me and my brother survived. My name is Alex freeman 29 years old, 1 Metre 87 cm brown hair, Snake tato, Blues eyes, brown hair. I allways wanted peace, but never got it, im gonna join CCA too bring pieace. CCA was an big honor allways for me even in my life. before in 2010 i was an Defender of the Earth but once 4 years ago when we found out the portal to another world. New ara began, There was... Zombies, Aliens, but CCA came and killed all the Aliens but, still not all zombies. Poison zombies, Fast zombies, Headcrabs, and aspeacials the original zombie. Theyre still in our world, and CCA must defeat them, soo im taking the job for CCA and staying Loyal for CCA. I will never fail CCA. End of Alex Freemans journal

Why should you be CCA: I wanna be CCA causs i saw crimes evrywhere and no CCA came and protect the citizens and while the CCA was offline i defended the other citizen, this is why i wanna be CCA, and this is not all. I will never fail CCA. I will allways protect my comrades, and never let them down. and once i was in D1 abandonned building, i saw a Zombie killing a citizen, but i saved him. And i see CP officers patrol arround and i really wanna try out being CCA.

Can you donate: Wish i could, but i have no more money on my credit card.

Do you know how to RP: Yes, i do.
/me sees citizen fighting
/me picks up trash can
/me aims at Anti-Citizen
/me attemps to tie citizen
/me punches
/me cheacks his datapad.

What can you do to help the community: Well, kinda hard tooo say. If i was an admin/mod/owner i would made a system. 3 Warnings = 1 kick. 3 Kicks = 1 temp ban. 3 temp bans = 1 Perm ban. If i was an normall player (and admin/mod/owner) ofcourse i would help people RP like all other people helped me RP.

Can you use propper grammar: Yes, i can. And sometimes i do make typos.


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TDFallahs CCA Application (Re-Made) Empty Re: TDFallahs CCA Application (Re-Made)

Post  Stealthkibbler on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:13 pm

Your grammar is good, although your backstory needs improvement, along with alot of your spelling. A few suggestions.

1. Don't rush your application, this causes errors to happen.
2. Review your application and change the errors, make sure you also review it again after that.
3. A good application will take about 3-7 hours to make.



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