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Simon's headcrab app Empty Simon's headcrab app

Post  Simon8974 on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:53 pm

Name: Simon
Age: 13
Steam Name: OnAniX (DK) Aka Simon

What are you applying for: A normal headcrab.

Why should you be this: I should be this becouse i am not anykind of noob or minge, all i really wonna be it for is to be De-Beaked, so i can be like lamar (from hl 2).

Formal experience: I have never been it before.

IC information: should be around 200 words more or less.
My head crab is a normal headcrab, not a fast, not a poision, just a normal headcrab. All my headcrab wont's is a owner, that can love Him. He grew up in the Combine's headcrab farm, with He's 28 brothers. My headcrab is sneaky and fast (not a fast headcrab) He loves playing with cat's even though He mostly eats them. He hate's all the people who wonna touch Him, and hate's dog's. My headcrab's favorite food is Head from a human, and favorite hobby is to Crawl in to people's pants. He came to earth via a rocket with a little room in it, the first He did when He came out was, to hop on a Citizens head and suck. (before you say there is to little words please keep in mind its hard to make a history, or a description of one little headcrab)

Can you donate: Yes, i can.

Do you know how to RP: Yeah like using /me and /it. Example: /me picks up the can.

What can you do to help the community: Im a normal nice guy, im helping the new guys and i love hl2rp. Plus i have donated.

Can you use propper grammar: Yes, i can. Proper*


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Simon's headcrab app Empty Re: Simon's headcrab app

Post  Stealthkibbler on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:22 pm

Here is an example of a good backstory of a headcrab.

This backstory is of a headcrab, just a normal headcrab: This headcrab is one of the many siblings of those that are being raised within the Combine farms. He was intended to be used in Combine Shellings on the Outland
Coasts. Instead, he was picked out of the many headcrabs to become a passive creature. This meant being a pet within and around the Nexus, so that CCA can research and review headcrab behaviour. This way,
GRID can create more efficient contraptions to catch and stop headcrab infestations. Hoping that this would be a good idea the CCA enlisted the headcrab among the few others that passively inhabit C23.
He has spent few experiences within the Nexus's himself over the past few weeks. Although never has he been in the outside world. Only spent wallowing in the darkness of the Combine Farms with his sibilings.
Now he is ready to explore the outside of the Nexus, and possibly make friends with any other Combine headcrabs.

That's an okay backstory, took me 10 minutes to type it up without reviewing it or checking anything.



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Simon's headcrab app Empty Thanks.

Post  Simon8974 on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:49 pm

Thank you for accepting me. And nice story you made there XD.


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Simon's headcrab app Empty Re: Simon's headcrab app

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